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SECTION 10 14 00


Room and door signs
Interior directional and informational signs
Building indentification signs
Cast Plaques


Section 22 05 53 – Identification for Plumbing Piping and Equipment.
Section 26 05 53 – Identification for Electrical Systems


ANSI/ICC A117.1 – American National Standard for Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities; International Code Council; 2003.
ATBCB ADAAG – Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines; 2004


Follow Section 01 03 00 – Administrative Requirements, for submittal procedures.
Product Data: Manufacturer’s printed product literature for each type of sign, indicating sign styles, font, foreground and background colors, locations, overall dimensions of each sign.
Signage Schedule: Provide information sufficient to completely define each sign for fabrication, including room number, room name, other text to be applied, sign and letter sizes, fonts and colors.
When room number to appear on signs differ from those on the drawings, include the drawing room number on schedule.
When content of signs is indicated to be determined later, request such information from Owner through Architect; upon request, submit preliminary schedule.
Submit for aproval by Owner through Architect prior to fabrication.
Samples: Submit one sample of each room sign type, of size similar to that required for project, illustrating sign style, font and method of attachment; include sign insert features.
Selection Samples: Submit two sets of color selection chips.
Manufacturer’s Installation Instructions: Include installation templates and attachment devices.


Manufacturer Qualifications: Company specializing in manufacturing the products specified in this section with documented experience.
Manufacturer Approval: This specification is based on the performance characteristics of the system identified in article 2.02. Alternate manufacturers must gain approval from the Architect 10 business days prior to the bid opening by submitting all items required in 2.01:2. Bidder will not be allowed to change materials after the bid opening date.
Any (substitution) material submitted as equal to the specified material must be accompanied by a notarized report signed and sealed by a professional engineer licensed in the sate in which the installation is to take place.. This report shall show that the submitted equal meets the criteria in this specification. Substitution requests submitted without notarized report will be rejected for non-conformance.

Signage System Manufacturer will issue a 7 year Limited Warranty on all products.


Package signs as required to prevent damage before installation.
Package room and door signs in sequential order of installatiaon, labeled by floor or building.
Store tape adhesive at normal room temperature.


Do not install tape adhesive when ambient temperature is lower than recommended by manufacturer.
Maintain this minimum temperature during and after installation of signs.



A. Signs:
1. Your Sign Company, LLC. (YSC)
2. Substitutions: See Section 01 60 00


A. Accessibility Compliance: All signs are required to comply with ADAAG and ANSI/ICC A 117.1, unless otherwise indicated; in the event of conflicting requirements, comply with the most comprehensive and specific requirements.

Room and Door Signs:
Your Sign Company, LLC, EN-LAY ADA Signage Series, construction consisting of 1/8 inch thick acrylic with inlaid, subsurface painted matte acrylic face and raised 1/32 inch text/braille, permanently applied to subsurface. Grade II Braille translations that meets ANSI and ADA requirements (Domed California Braille to be used in the State of California), part of the EN-LAY ADA Signage Series.
Color: Custom color applied sub-surface, optional with inlaid Wilsonart plastic laminate face.
Sign Text: room name and number as indicated on drawing.
Text Style: San Serif, 5/8” up to 2”h maxinum.
Size and Configuration: 9” x 9”, customized sign
Message slider and insert as indicated
Window Signs with scratch resistant windows and insert as indicated
Mounting: Foam tape/GE silicone or mechanical mounting where indicated
Rest Rooms: Identify with pictograms in 6” field, the text “MEN” and “WOMEN”, room numbers to be determined later and braille.

Interior Directional and Informational Signs
Type: Architectural standard to match room and door signs.
Size: As indicated in drawings.
Text: Wording of signs is scheduled on the Drawings.

Exterior Room and Directional Signage:
Type: Aluminum to meet code
Size: As indicated in drawings.
Text: Wording of signs is scheduled on the Drawings.


Building Identification and Monument Signs:
Your Sign Company, LLC., STONE TEXT Series, construction consisting of min. ½ inch thick natural stone.
Mount on outside wall in location where directed; project ¼” from building face.
Size: 10 inch high.
Finish: Polished face
Mounting: Concealed studs; stainless steel, galvanized steel, chrome plated or other non-corroding metal.
Use of indidvidual letters/numbers as scheduled on the Drawings
Monument Insignia Sign: Furnished by Owner and installed by contractor.




Concealed Screws: Stainless Steel, galvanized steel, chrome plated or other non-corroding metal.

Construction Adhesive: GE Silicone or other commercial grade adhesive as required.

Tape Adhesive: Double-sided tape, permanent adhesive.

Room Sign Backer Plate: Same as room sign construction; located at glass sidelights location; or as required.


A. Verify that substrate surfaces are ready to receive work.

A. Install in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.
B. Install neatly, with horizontal edges level.
C. Install interior signs with both construction adhesive and tape adhesive.
D. Install room and door signs, scheduled at exterior locations, with stainless steel pan head screws per approved shop drawings.
E. Locate signs where indicated:
1. Room Signs: Locate on wall at latch side of door with centerline of sign at 60 inches above
Finished floor.
If no location is indicated, obtain Owner’s instructions.

Protect from damage until Substantial Completion; repair or replace damaged items.

A. Refer to Drawings

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